Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering Info
How much do tracks cost?
Individual tracks only cost £2 each (British Pounds Sterling)

To have the prices shown in US Dollars or Euros please click the logo's above the shopping basket.
How long will my order take to arrive?
Orders usually only take a 1-3 working days to arrive to UK address'. International orders really depend on the destination, but orders going to Europe generally take less than 1 week & orders going to the USA between 1-2 weeks.
How much is delivery?
Delivery to the UK is only £1.50, the rest of the world is £5.
Obviously if you select to download your tracks, there is no delivery charge.
I have accidentally ordered the wrong track, can I edit the disc once the order has been placed?
Sorry, once the order has been placed there is no way we can edit the disc. The discs get made & despatched automatically to increase delivery speed, so please make sure you order correctly.
I don’t like the disc, can I return it for a refund?
Sorry, due to the fact discs are custom made a refund will not be issued on anything other than faulty products. Even with faulty discs they must be reported within two weeks of ordering or a refund can’t be issued. Not being happy with the quality/version of a track is not a valid reason for a refund.
Please make sure you watch the video samples before ordering, that way you can check you're happy with the track prior to placing your order.
How do I search for tracks?
You can search for your favourite songs by Song Title or by Artist, using the search bar on the left hand side of the page.

Try and keep your searches simple, for example if you are searching for "You'll Never Walk Alone - Gerry & The Pacemakers", try searching for Never Walk Alone or Pacemakers, because sometimes spelling and punctuation can differ, so keeping your searches simple will get around this. Also you can browse the tracks alphabetically, by genre, or look at our top sellers & most recently added tracks.
I can't find the track I want?
If you can't find the track you want then we probably don't have it available. You can put a request in using the contact us page, and we will try our best to get the song added.
What is the maximum/minimum amount of tracks I can order?
For each CDG & DVD disc, you have to order a minimum of 5 tracks and a maximum of 20 (or 70 minutes, which ever comes first)

There are no minimum or maximum order restrictions for MP3+G or MP4 download formats
Can I order more than one disc at a time to save on postage costs?
Yes, you can order multiple discs on the same order and only pay one postage charge, just use the create new disc buttons in the top left corner of the page. When adding a track, use the drop down menu that appears to select which disc to add it to.
How long are my downloads available for?
If you choose to download your tracks, they will be available instantly after payment. The links will expire after 48 hours, so make sure you get them downloaded to your computer as soon as possible
How do I download the tracks I have just paid for?
To download your tracks simply login to the website and click the my current downloads link. Your tracks will be available for download instantly, but the links will expire after 48 hours, so please get them saved ASAP. Please make sure you keep a note of where you save the files, so they don't get lost on your computer.
I can't get my downloaded files to work/burn to disc, can you send me the tracks I downloaded on CDG/DVD?
Sorry, if you have chosen to download your tracks we can't send you the files on disc. We have to pay royalties every time we sell tracks, so if you want the same files on disc, you will have to pay for them. Please make sure you download the free sample track and check it works how you want it to before ordering.
Vouchers Explained
Treat the karaoke lover in your life to a Mr Entertainer Gift Voucher

When buying a Gift Voucher it will be automatically sent to your email address, allowing you to either forward on when required or print it out and hand over to the recipient personally. Alternatively you can have the voucher sent directly to any person with an email address.

When redeeming a gift voucher, simply enter your voucher code in the box provided on the Order Confirm page and click the add button (this looks like a plus sign directly under the voucher code box), the value of the voucher will then be deducted from the order and you will be shown a new order total. Please make sure the new order total is displayed before proceeding to checkout.

If the Gift Voucher value exceeds the value of the order, the balance will be added to your Mr Entertainer store credit

If the value of the order is greater than the Gift Voucher value, you will need to pay for the outstanding balance.
Can i transfer my downloads to my iPod, iPhone or Media Player
Yes, if you choose to download your tracks in MP4 format they can easily be transferred to your iPod, iPhone or media player.
Can i pay by Paypal?
Yes, you can pay by credit/debit card, or via Paypal.

To pay by Paypal simply click the pay by Paypal button on the payment page.
Why is there no download option for some songs?
Due to a recent change in licensing laws in the UK many tracks are no longer available for digital download or streaming, so there we have had to remove those options. All tracks can currently still be purchased on CDG or DVD disc.
Song Information
Why are some tracks listed multiple times with different letters next to them? What's the difference?
On this website we offer not only our Mr Entertainer karaoke tracks, but also tracks from some of our partner labels, the different letters next to the tracks relate to the song manufacturer.

Each track will be reproductions of the same song and will all sound very similar, just watch the sample videos and select which one you prefer.

For more information on our track manufacturers, visit the track information page
Will your discs show on screen lyrics?
Yes, our discs will show on screen lyrics like a normal Karaoke disc.
Our CDG discs have to be played in a CDG player, our DVD discs will work in any DVD Player.
I just want a normal audio CD to play on a normal CD player, is this possible?
Our CDG discs will play in a normal CD player like a normal CD (audio only)
To see the on screen lyrics you will need a CDG Karaoke player
Do the tracks have faded endings?
It depends on the track, we do try and put faded endings on everything but if the original song had a faded ending sometimes so will our karaoke version.

SBI (SB) offer a non faded ending guarantee, if you purchase an SBI track that has a faded ending and you would prefer a definite ending, just let us know and SBI will send a non faded ending totally free of charge!

Tracks that definitely do not have a faded ending will have "Faded Ending: No" written above the sample video.
Can I burn my downloaded tracks to disc?
This really depends on how much you know about computers! Burning our downloaded tracks to disc is possible but needs a fair bit of computer knowledge & the correct hardware & software. Because of this we promote our downloads for playback on your computer only, so I'm afraid we can not help with any problems you're having burning the tracks to disc.

If you are planning on burning your downloads to disc, we suggest you download the free sample tracks for testing before placing your order.

The other option is to try our free Quickburn program, this free software will allow you to burn MP3+G tracks to CDG disc using any normal blank CDR on any PC or Laptop. Click the Karaoke Software link for more information.
How do I play my downloaded MP3+G tracks on my PC?
Any good Karaoke Software will play our MP3+G Downloads, if you don't have any Karaoke Software you use our free Karaoke Player, which can be downloaded from the Karaoke Software page.
Can I select to have a song in a different key?
Sorry, we can only supply tracks in the original key.
Some tracks have Multiplex written after the song title, what does this mean?
Multiplex means the track will have someone singing the main vocal as a guide, to help you learn the track. If you have a Player/Software that supports multiplex karaoke tracks you can turn the vocal on & off.
Do the tracks have backing vocals?
Yes, all of our Karaoke tracks will have backing vocals where the original song has them.
Is the vocal removeable on tracks that are marked as Vocal Guide?
No, only tracks that are marked as Multiplex have the ability to remove the vocal guide.
Can I use the tracks purchased from you professionally or are they home use only?
All the tracks we supply are fully-endorsed by the manufacturer and are sold with their permission to use at home or commercially in any public venue worldwide (assuming that venue has the appropriate public performance license). Mr Entertainer is an approved licensee of the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) to which a royalty is paid for every track sold to cover song writer and publisher royalties. Both Selectatrack and the MCPS are based in the United Kingdom, anyone ordering from outside the UK does need to check with their local publishing organisations on local terms of use regarding public performance.
Do you have any starter packages available at a discounted rate?
Yes, we have an amazing selection of starter packages available,
CLICK HERE to see more information;
Can i decide how my karaoke songs look? Backgrounds, fonts etc?
Yes, we have a unique branding service that allows you to buy packages of tracks in your chosen design.

CLICK HERE to see more information;
Can i use my purchased track to record myself singing and make a CD, sell on iTunes or upload to YouTube?
For this type of usage you will require an additional license from the track manufacturer.

Click here to see details of our PRO LICENSE, a simple way of licensing your songs for re-sale or streaming.
My MP3+G files do not work on my karaoke player, even though it says it plays MP3+G
We sell tracks in MP3+G zipped format, this is basically a zip file that contains two separate files, an MP3 audio file & a CDG file that contains the on screen lyrics. Many popular karaoke players that play MP3+G require the tracks to be "unzipped" or "extracted" before they will recognise them.

To do this simply right click on the zip file and select “extract here” or “extract all” which should then extract the MP3 & CDG file stored inside. Then simply copy these two files on to your SD card or USB stick and insert in to your karaoke player.

PLEASE NOTE, be careful not to rename the extracted files, as the MP3 and CDG file must be named identically for them to work together.
I have forgotten my password, what do i do?
Click Here to visit the forgotten password page.

Simply enter your email address in the box and we will email you a password reminder
This track is available to download in high defnition MP4 format, with stunning high quality graphics and backgrounds.

Only Available in MP4 Download or DVD Disc formats (not CDG or MP3+G)
Resolution: 720p (1280x720)
Filesize: approx 20mb per track

Check out the "Formats" page for more information
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