How To Place An Order

Choosing A Format
Ordering from Sielectatrack is very simple, but before you start choosing your tracks you need to decide what format you would like to receive them in. You can choose from 4 different options,

MP3+G (Digital Download)
MP4 (Digital Download)
CDG Disc (Sent In Post)
DVD Disc (Sent in Post)
For more information on formats, please click here

If you selected to create a CDG or DVD disc you will be asked to give the disc a name (this will be printed on the front of the disc), for example, John's Karaoke Disc. Once you have named your disc and clicked continue it will appear in the shopping basket and you can now start searching for tracks.

Search/Browse For Tracks
Once your new order has been created you can start searching for tracks by using the search/browse functions on the left hand side of the page. You can search for specific songs or artists in the search bar at the top, or browse our entire catalogue alphabetically or by song genre.

The search results will appear in the middle of the screen, next to each track is a play button; click this button to see a 30 second video clip of the track. If you are happy with the track click the add button, this will then add the track to the order you just created, if you want to create multiple orders/disc just select the create new disc option.

Tracks will be listed individually, but some tracks will also be part of an album compilation, click the albums tab to see the album track listing.

Once you are happy with the songs in your basket click the checkout button. New customers then need to quickly register their details & create an account by entering their email address & choosing a password

You will then be asked to enter your billing address. This address must match the credit/debit card you will be paying with. if you have ordered a CDG or DVD disc to be sent in the post, you will then need to choose your delivery address, by ticking the use same address box or entering a new delivery address.

Once you have entered & confirmed your address you will be taken to an order confirmation page which allows you to double check your selections and make sure everything with the order is correct. Once your happy click the continue button

Making Payment
Finally, you will see our secure payment page where you need to enter your credit/debit card details. Please enter your card details carefully and when done click the make payment button

Once payment has been accepted you will be taken to the order confirmation page, if you have selected to download your tracks you will also see a link that will take you to your downloads page.

This track is available to download in high defnition MP4 format, with stunning high quality graphics and backgrounds.

Only Available in MP4 Download or DVD Disc formats (not CDG or MP3+G)
Resolution: 720p (1280x720)
Filesize: approx 20mb per track

Check out the "Formats" page for more information
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