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On this website you will find our entire catalogue of Mr Entertainer karaoke tracks, along with tracks from some of our closest partner labels. This page will give you more information some of those manufacturers and how to tell them apart on the search results.

Mr Entertainer's Karaoke Collection (ME)
Mr Entertainer Karaoke, the UK’s premier karaoke collection. Widely regarded as one of the highest quality and most respected ranges in the business. A large & up to date collection covers every type of musical genre, Including all the latest UK & US chart hits.
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SBI Global (SB) and Abraxa (AX)
SBI is one of the biggest names in karaoke with an ever-expanding catalogue of titles, with a long history of quality karaoke product & unrivalled collection of songs. New tracks are added daily and no other manufacturer in the world currently produces as many new tracks as SBI. SBI also produces one of our other popular labels, Abraxa.
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SBI Multiplex MPME (MS)
Multiplex is a special type of karaoke track that has a guide lead vocal, which helps you learn the track. The vocal is recorded on only one side of the stereo channels which means if you have a compatible Karaoke Player or software, you will be able to switch the guide vocal on & off. Our free Karaoke software has an audio channel switcher and is compatible with Multiplex Karaoke tracks.
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Protrax (PX)
A small but well known collection and recognised as the best quality karaoke tracks ever made. Every single track is an absolute classic and the sound quality is unrivalled. If the track you're after has been produced by Protrax then you're in luck!
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This track is available to download in high defnition MP4 format, with stunning high quality graphics and backgrounds.

Only Available in MP4 Download or DVD Disc formats (not CDG or MP3+G)
Resolution: 720p (1280x720)
Filesize: approx 20mb per track

Check out the "Formats" page for more information
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